Video Tours & Photo Edits:

For every home that Andrew has listed For Sale – there will be a Video Tour posted here.   And, all video tours will be filmed as live video, with Andrew’s voice over narration added. 

And here are examples of the PHOTO EDITS that Andrew will do for your house photos – to give the best first impression when buyers see your house listing online.   And, YES, there are some differing opinions regarding this – but Andrew has sufficient experience to know how far we can FAIRLY go on these ‘photo enhancements’!  

2303 Saxon, 77018

BEFORE and AFTER photos below.

The edits were:

Deleted the telephone pole, removed glare from windows, masked the house next door on left side, enhanced the overall color, removed some of the dirt/oil on the driveway, and rotated the image a bit so the roof is properly horizontal. 

17119 Port O Call, 77532

This was a classic case – the sellers had moved out and the listing was ready to be posted online, however, the trash service was running 2-3 days behind to pick up the trash sacks in the driveway.  It would be detrimental to the sale of the home to post photos of a house with GARBAGE in the driveway, so we edited out all the trash AND as usual, enhanced the overall appearance including the grass!

Also PLEASE NOTE, for those who wonder how far you can go with these photo edits and whether the changes below are going TOO far — Andrew will explain first day you meet him, why it is that the actual BUYER will have no problem with any of these photo edits!    

BEFORE and AFTER photos below.

The edits were:  

Remove the trash from driveway, change color of the grass, tone down the dark areas on the driveway, remove grass from driveway, improve the overall color and clarity, clean up the street and curb, fix the damaged board at top near roof, rotate the image slightly, and change the cropping. 

7534 Opal Hill, 77396

BEFORE and AFTER photos below.

The edits were:

Removed security signs, removed red chair, balanced the color of the lawn, put in a brighter blue sky, smoothed the color of the roof over the garage, enhanced the detail on the garage door. 

711 Main Street, Unit 802, 77002

Kitchen photo, before and after – the improvement was to remove the glare on cabinets and frig, which may not seem like much, BUT, imagine these little edits in EACH photo of the entire group of photos we can have in a listing, and on the whole it makes a BIG difference in how the home is perceived by potential buyers! 

3414 Eagle Creek, 77523

BEFORE and AFTER photos below.

The edits were:

Cleaned up the grass, put in a blue sky, brightened the house, removed water from sidewalk, and rotated the image a bit so the columns are vertical. 

11130 Sherwood Forest Glen, 77043

BEFORE and AFTER photos below.

These edits were pretty subtle, and some would ask – why bother?!

The answer is – we did these edits, as always, to give the house its BEST opportunity to ATTRACT potential buyers who view the house on the HAR web site; and a cleaner look is the best bet to accomplish that!

The changes were to remove the red car and the various signs at the parking area, and also to rotate the image slightly

1057 Candlelight, 77018

BEFORE and AFTER photos below.

The edits were:

Brightened the sky, added lighting to all the windows, cleaned up the driveway, recentered the house within the photo and added some greenery on the right to mask the neighbor’s house, put in a nicer green grass in front, and put in a more uniform brown color for the roof.

5211 Eigel, Unit B, 77007

BEFORE and AFTER photos below.

It may seem TRIVIAL, but hey, maybe our Maximum Price Buyer will be a Ferrari driver who hates Porsches?!  This car was parked there while the owner was out of town, and our only option was to edit out the car, and we went ahead and removed the shelves too.  The reason WHY this type of subtle difference is important to the objective of Achieving Maximum Value, is – this type of townhouse was competing against NEW homes, and therefore, it’s always our objective to make a house LOOK NEW.  So the question is – would a NEW house have a Porsche parked in the garage???  NO – so we edited it out of the photo! 

4118 Broadmoor, 77523

This house had NO grass in the back yard, but the owner was in fact going to have new sod planted as soon as the weather permitted; so rather than showing a very ugly back yard with nothing but mud – we put this photo in the listing showing what it would like like with the new sod, along with a note within the photo to explain that. 

The photos below show the kitchen before and after – with the glare on cabinets and microwave removed and the rug on the floor edited out.  The REASON why the rug should not be there is because, this house was competing against new homes in the immediate area; and therefore you want the home to appear AS NEW.  

5302 Judalon, 77056

BEFORE and AFTER photos below.

The edits were:

Add a blue sky, remove telephone pole, clean up driveway, put in a green grass, and improve the color/clarity.  

807 Lemm Court, 77373

BEFORE and AFTER photos below.

THIS WAS a tough one!  As in, WHAT do you do when the house you are selling has a very dirty pool, and of course you don’t want to give a dishonest impression of the house by way of these edited photos – AND YET your mission is to Achieve Maximum Value?!

Our first step was to talk to the owners and explain to them that they needed to have their pool cleaning service come back out there to get the pool back to a proper usable condition  — BECAUSE, whatever it would cost to CLEAN the pool, would be returned to them 3 – 5 times over as a higher final sales price!

The owners agreed to that, BUT they wanted to wait and do the pool cleaning only after we had a contract.  THUS, our reasonable decision was to have the pool photo edited, to remove the ugly dirty appearance AND leave the finished photo with a greenish (not perfect blue) water color that appeared to be “clean enough.”

In other words, most people would know that a pool will not normally be green, and we picked this exact greenish color to go with something that gave a good enough first impression to ATTRACT buyers to come VISIT the house; and then we had a flyer at the house by the pool, explaining that the pool would be professionally cleaned and chemically balanced before closing.  And hey it worked – we had a buyer in 18 days at a very decent price that the sellers were VERY happy to achieve

And please note – the objective for these photo edits is to give the house its best opportunity to sell. 

The bottom line is, you can’t Achieve Maximum Value  unless prospective buyers come visit the house – and therefore we WILL take some latitude to enhance the photos, within reason, to present the house in its best possible light!