To Achieve Maximum Value, the Make Ready is Crucial – and that’s one of the KEY advantages that Andrew brings to YOUR home sale project!   Any experienced Listing Agent knows that every $1 spent on Make Ready will bring you $3 to $10 on the sale price!   (Spend $1 – get $3 to $10, simple right?)

That’s why Andrew provides an excellent crew to do the Make Ready work as needed for your house – with his personal supervision!   AND – Andrew is able to provide the Make Ready services at a greatly reduced cost versus what you’d pay for the same work!


Here’s a few examples:

4513 Briarbend, 77035

This was an estate sale and the prior owner was a heavy smoker – here’s just one example of what it looked like BEFORE and AFTER the Make Ready.

Since this was an estate sale – the easy thing would have been to “toss up a sign” and take what we could get for it and frankly most Realtors would do exactly that – BUT, Andrew has this funny idea that his responsibility is to MAXIMIZE VALUE for his clients, and therefore, we spent a solid week there carting junk out of this house, scrubbing the nicotine stains off the walls, AND we even had a brand new HVAC system installed! HUH?! Why spend that money before the sale? Bear in mind, this was the middle of a hot summer, and our strategy was to get this house to a sufficient condition so that someone could buy it and LIVE in it and renovate it over time – and that’s exactly how we accomplished Maximum Value on this case, which would otherwise have sold for the lot value only!

Additionally, Andrew has a ten year relationship with a local HVAC contractor who will, when necessary, do the AC work and BE PAID out of the closing!

1057 Candlelight, 77018

This house was owned by a local businessperson who just didn’t have time to keep up with the maintenance; so Andrew and his crew spent a solid week at this house to get the make ready done as needed to Achieve Maximum Value! The projects included interior paint, carpet cleaning, yard work, various repairs including electrical outlets, and whole house de-cluttering.

The photos below show the kitchen BEFORE and AFTER; the garage BEFORE and AFTER, and paint work in progress.


11130 Sherwood Forest, 77043

As Andrew always says – every house needs something! In this case the owner had meticulously maintained this home and it didn’t need much; BUT in that case and as you can see below – even just decluttering the garage to include a bit of paint and some floor cleaning, can make a BIG difference.

5008 Gibson, 77007

Another case where the owner meticulously maintained this home, but in that case we were still able to greatly improve the curb appeal by painting the exterior garage door; and as usual, Andrew’s crew painted the garage floor too.

101 South Pine, 77591

It’s always amazing what a difference a bit of paint can make – and here’s a perfect example, WOW! Just imagine trying to sell this house with the exterior looking that way.. and YES, with a nice looking and high quality paint job done, we did Achieve Maximum Value!

7534 Opal Hill, 77396

This house needed full make ready which included interior paint, new carpet, whole house decluttering, and various repairs. With that work done, we achieved a sale in 36 days at a price that was 7% better than the year over year increase for the area, during the five years they owned this home (They achieved a 139% increase versus an average 132% increase over the prior five years.)

807 Lemm Court, 77373

This house was owned by a local businessman who had zero time to do the routine maintenance over the years, and even with the make ready work done by Andrew’s crew, the house was listed as “needing full cosmetics.” Nevertheless, given that we carefully chose WHAT make ready work to do for maximum impact, the house had a buyer in 18 days (compared to the neighborhood average of 56 days); AND the price we achieved was 5% above the neighborhood average, including other similarly sized houses that had pools.

HOW is it possible to accomplish that?!

The answer is, you have to SELL the FEATURES!! Most definitely, EVERY HOUSE HAS POSITIVE FEATURES – and it’s the Listing Agent’s job to point them out!!! And that’s what Andrew is particularly skilled at doing.

PLUS, of course, having Andrew’s crew do the MAKE READY is invaluable! TWO of the best tasks to do for maximum return on the make ready costs, are to paint the front door and powerwash the exterior – as in, first impressions really do count, AND the primary photo of the house will also look best that way.

THE front door has to look good if not GREAT, and painting it is one of the best bangs for your buck you can get.

And here it is in finished form.

How much does it cost to power wash a house?! NOT MUCH, and it makes a huge difference.

5211 Eigel, Unit B, 77007

Another case of a unit that had been well maintained; HOWEVER, the wood floor had warped in front of the kitchen sink and that is not the type of repair you’d let just anyone tackle! Andrew has worked with a very excellent flooring contractor for years, who can handle this type of repair and for them it was an easy fix!